AVAILABLE NOW! 7 Skills to Develop Resilience in Setbacks, Crisis and Chaos

With nearly four decades of experience in business ownership and six decades of life, Greg Barron offers seven simple skills to build resiliency into the fabric of life in spite of momentary setbacks, failures, crisis and chaos. Through relatable stories, research and first-hand encounters, Greg’s 7 skills will empower the Reader to not only cope with, but gain strength in times of the greatest need.

A timely book for fragile times, these 7 skills will prove that resiliency can be learned and then applied. Stories of bouncing back from the whirlpool of tragedy, developing a deep sense of gratitude regardless of the situation and using available resources to finding solutions in unstable environments gives the reader a sense of hope and encouragement, even while staring into the brutal facts of their present reality.


Meet Greg Barron

Greg Barron is the CEO of The Barron Companies, Inc. He has successfully launched, merged, acquired and purchased companies over the four decades in Commercial Construction, Civil Engineering, Architecture, Facility Services, Real Estate Development and Real Estate Financial Modeling Software.

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With nearly four decades of experience in real estate development, finance, commercial construction, engineering, banking and investing, Greg has learned to harness the power of E3! Not a get rich quick Guru or a YouTube Poser with a big hat, but no cattle, just counsel and advice from a Blue Collar background that’s been there and kept it by plowing hard ground by constant education, evaluation and ultimately executing!

Speaking Requests

From Harvard Business School to corporate retreats, Greg has drawn upon his diverse and humorous experiences to connect with his audiences with top-down nuggets of wisdom to bring relevance in business applications. Greg accepts limited speaking engagements as his schedule and his travel allows.